Wokingham Horticultural Society Take A Gander At Gardens In Peru

First Gathering Of Wokingham Horticultural Association’s

Wokingham Horticultural Society takes a gander at gardens In Peru. At Wokingham Horticultural Association’s first gathering of 2020, Paul Whittle’s slides shipped us to Peru. Read Pettrans Fusion for more information.

He shared his interest in, and undertakings in, this1,500 mile portion of land running between the powerful Andes go and the Pacific Ocean.

We found out about the Inca Civilisation, who loved the Sun God, constructed the celebrated City of Machu Picchu on a mountain, cultivated the inclines in porches and put away their yields against the lean years.

Wokingham Horticultural Society Take A Gander At Gardens In Peru

The stone-workmanship at Machu Picchu and at sacsayhuamán in Cusco – their capital city – has stood the trial of time, in spite of incessant earth tremors in the nation.

Paul’s visit took us to numerous different landscapes – coasting islands on Lake Titicaca, the most elevated sand hill on the planet, the fascinating Nazca Lines, and a visit to the Amazonian rainforest which incorporated a nearby experience with a bouncing tarantula.

Individuals currently anticipate ‘Potato Sunday’ when seven assortments of brilliant quality Scottish seed potato will go at a bargain at the Ormonde Road Trading Store, and on Tuesday, February 11, our next talk at the Bradbury Center will be given by Belinda Allen.

Her subject is ‘Herbs for Culinary and Medicinal Use’ and she will bring tests.

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